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Functions:Prevulcanization,  Mooney Viscosity and Relaxation in one Machine!

MV-C3 Mooney viscometer is used for measuring viscosity and relaxtion of raw rubber stock or rubber mass prevulcanization properties. It is also used for measuring viscosity in Mooney value for compounded or uncompounded unvulcanized

natural,synthetic or regenerated rubber.

This instrument has excellent performances

including automatic save data, easy calibration,

easy operation and higher stability.It can perform

the following tests: viscosity,scorch and stress

relaxtion in one machine.

Technical indexes:

  • Range of temperature control: From room temperature to 200℃

  • Temperature fluctuation in die: ≤±0.1℃

  • Temperature display resolution: 0.1℃

  • Upper & Lower  separate plate temp control  

  • Range of temperature increase: 32℃/min

  • Measurement range of torque:0-200MV

  • Frequency of rotor: 2±0.02r/min

  • Size: 520*570*1000 mm (W*L*H)

  • Weight : about 120Kg

  • Power: AC220~230V,50/60Hz,3A

Measure of Mooney viscosity / Stress Relaxation

MI -- initial Mooney viscosity.

ML – The minimum Mooney value in the last 30 seconds before the motor stopped.

Mx-t - Mooney value relating to time t.  x-the time of preheat, t-Mooney test time.

MRe - Mooney value at the end of stress relaxation.

TRx - time needed for x% torque stress relaxation.

Xy% - % of  Viscosity decay after motor stopped y sec.

Measure of Prevulcanization

Scorch Data testing sample results:

 -Scorch time curve

 -Temperature curve

 -Curve index ( small/Large Rotor test)

MI - initial Mooney viscosity.

ML - Minimum Mooney viscosity

MF - Maximum Mooney viscosity in the end of the test.

Mx-t - Mooney value relating to time t.

 x-the time of preheat,

 t -Mooney test time

M5/M3 - ML+5/3 Mooney; M35/M18 - ML+35/18 Mooney.

t5/t3 - Mooney burning time, M5/M3 corresponding time, Unit: min.

t35/t18 - Mooney vulcanizing time, ML+35/18 corresponding time, unit: min.