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Model RZN-II Rubber Self-adhesiveness Tester

Test Mechanism:

RZN-II Rubber Self-adhesiveness Tester employs the “pull-away” testing method to measure the adhesive force formed after the rubber films have been contacted and pressed upon each other for a certain period of time.

When 2 tester sample block are pressed, their surface in close contact for some time, the polymer molecule and their ends diffuse from each other, and form a measurable bond strength. By separating the samples, and recording the maximum force needed for separation (unit: N), the self-adhesiveness of the unvulcanized rubber (between same rubber compounds), or in the case of different rubber formulations, the mutual adhesiveness, can be thus described.

The tester samples can be either unvulcanized rubber material or cords/canvas that has been calendared.

Test Methods:

Fix a piece of sample to be tested onto the round-shaped clamp to form a curved surface of fixed radius. The other sample piece should be located just underneath the round-shaped clamp and pressed against with a pressure block, with its surface exposed at the middle of the pressure block.

1.Round-shaped clamp; 2.3.Tester samples; 4.Pressure block

When the pressure block carries the tester samples up with the pre-set speed, it will press against the upper sample with a pressure force of 50N.Because of the round surface facilitated by the round shape of the clamp, formation of bubbles upon contact of the two samples at the surface of contact is effectively avoided. The pressing time can be set according to the rubber material and test purpose.

Upon completion of pressing against each other, the pressure block brings down the tester sample with a pre-set speed, and thereby separate the 2 samples, record the maximum pulling force.


RZN-II Rubber Self-adhesiveness Tester can be set to automatically perform continuous testing. When the testing conditions are set, click the “start” button on the testing interface, and the machine will automatically perform 5 consecutive testing programs of “press” and “pull-away” according to the set conditions. After each test, the round-shaped clamp will rotate automatically by a certain angle to the next test point. Upon completion of the whole test, the round-shaped clamp will automatically return to the original orientation.

RZN-II Rubber Self-adhesiveness Tester, in accordance with the testing conditions, will record the measurements in real time and display in the testing interface every time it finishes one round of the “press-pull away” program.

RZN-II Rubber Self-adhesiveness Tester is equipped with computer outlet that allows connection with the computer, so that testing measurements can be sent to the computer in real time. By using the “record”, “save” and “inquire” software options, you can record, save and inquire about the testing conditions and measurements recording.

Technical parameters:

Test station: 5 positions

Load weight: 50N;

Round-shaped clamp groove diameter: 50mm;

Round-shaped clamp groove width: 12.7mm;

Maximum force: 40N;

Pressing time: 1~99s;

Pressing speed: 5、10、15、20、25、30cm/min;

Pull speed: 5、10、15、20、25、30cm/min;

Working power: 220V /50Hz。