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RCC-I modelRubber Dynamic Cutting Tester

Test Mechanism

RCC-I Rubber Dynamic Cutting Tester  uses a special-designed blade(Cutter) to repeatedly hit the rotating wheel-like rubber specimens with a certain force. It is aimed to simulate the situation when the rubber materials hit sharp objects with substantial force and are cut through, or when the rubber materials are tore apart on rough road surfaces by pulling or braking actions. The testing results are presented in a similar way by the weight difference of the specimen before and after the test.

RCC-I Rubber Dynamic Cutting Tester is composed of a main unit and the control system.

1.The main unit is composed of cutting device, lifting device and sample rotator;

Cutting device is composed of the cutter, arbor and bearing platform. When the main unit is working, the carbonized tungsten alloy cutter that is fixed to one side of the arbor will hit and cut the rotating specimen under the force of the arbor. This will simulate the impact of rough road/sharp object on the surface of the tire.

Lifting device is composed of a motor and a cam. The cam is fixed on the motor axis. The motor rotates the cam. When the long diameter of the cam comes into contact with arbor, the arbor rises to the highest point.    

Then the arbor will drive the cutter to free fall onto the rotating rubber specimen, and thereby cutting the specimen. As such, with every one rotation the cam undergoes, the cutter completes one cutting process.

Sample rotator device is rotating at constant speed driven by the motor, and thereby simulating the motion of tire rotating on the road surfaces.

2.The control system: electrical control is responsible for setting the speed of rotation, the frequency of impact and testing time. In addition, it also controls the system booting and braking.

Main features:

1.To cater for the designs of project tires, off-road tires, load truck tire tread and rubber track, and to satisfy the needs of modern formula in terms of impact strength and testing strength.

2.The impact frequency and rotation speed can be adjusted within a certain allowed range to meet different testing demand.

3.By using the PLC control, it is stable and easy to use; the setting of all testing parameters and the operation procedures can be readily control and viewed with the digital operation system. The operator can conveniently set the impact frequency and rotation speed according to the testing objective. Once the test starts, the machine will run the testing according to the pre-set testing frequency, and automatically stops when the testing is completed. It also allows pausing during the testing, therefore the operator can choose to pause the testing at any time they desire. All testing data will be automatically saved upon pausing. When the test is resumed, these data will be restored.

Technical parameters:


Impact frequency: 1、1.5、2 Hz;

Impact distance: 48 mm;

Tip angle: 60°;

Edge sharpness: 0.015~0.020 mm;

Edge width: 6.3mm;

Static load on the specimen: 475g;


Specimen size: Φ50mm × 12mm;

Specimen rotating speed: 360、720、1080、1440±1 r/min;

Test time: 1~99min adjustable;

Installation requirement:

Working power supply: 220V/50Hz;