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Model LDN-II Cord Dynamic Adhesion Tester

Test mechanism

LDN-II Cord Dynamic Adhesion Tester allows the cord to vulcanize in the rubber sample square with its 2 ends fixed by different weights at a pre-set temperature (temperature adjustable from room temperature to 100℃). During testing, the rubber sample will assume on a reciprocating movement along the extension of the cord with certain amplitude and frequency, and thereby generates a continuing dynamic shear at the interface between the cord and the rubber. With repeated deformation, the adhesiveness at the interface between the cord and rubber gradually decreases until reaching certain pre-set value. By measuring the time or numbers of deformation required for the cord and rubber to reach a certain adhesion level, the adhesive properties of the cord and rubber under dynamic conditions can be indicated.

Test mechod:

LDN-II Cord Dynamic Adhesion Tester is composed of the shear movement system, load system, temperature control system, monitor system and control display system:

The shear movement system is composed of the sample groove and servo motor arms. The rotation speed of the motor is adjustable. By setting the rotation speed, the shear-deformation frequency of the rubber-cord system can be simulated.

The load system sets the weight load and pull force of the test by specialized weights.

The temperature control system adjusts the temperature of the sample groove to simulate the working temperature of the rubber-cord system.

The monitor system can monitor all sample measurements throughout the testing, can record all results automatically.

The control display system enables the users to conveniently set shear deformation frequency and testing time as desired by providing visual digital operation interface.

LDN-II Cord Dynamic Adhesion Tester uses samples that are vulcanized by dedicated mold. Once the testing starts, the machine will operate according to the pre-set conditions. When reaching the pre-set testing time or all samples have been pull out of the machine, the machine will automatically stop. Testing measurements are displayed all time in reall time.


LDN-II Cord Dynamic Adhesion Tester measures the dynamic adhesive properties at the interface between cord and rubber, and provides simulation of the working environment of the fiber cord in tire, rubber hose or belt. It is therefore a specialized tester. LDN-II Cord Dynamic Adhesion Tester can certainly facilitate the development of cord adhesive rubber formulations and of course the measurement of adhesive properties. Moreover, it can also be sued for testing of the cord impregnation agent and the quality of the impregnated rubber.

Technical parameters:

Frequency:9~14Hz (adjustable);


Testing temperature:room temperature~100℃ (adjustable);

Testing load:2000~3000g (adjustable);

Testing time:set by the user;

Sample size:12.5×12.5mm;

Working power:220V /2A/50Hz。