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Model RTC-II Cord Bending FatigueTester

Test mechanism:

In the RTC-II Cord Bending Fatigue Tester, the cord samples are subjected to repeated bending at given load through 2 free rotating rollers simultaneously and repeatedly moving up and down.

For testing, select some samples to be tested at the same time: fix the samples to the clamp in order, then wrap the cord around the A and B rollers to be connected with the lower clamps (see the following figure for instruction). Then the test starts, the A and B rollers will repeatedly move up and down, and the cord is subjected to a repeated bending fatigue. Record the number of bending times before breaking of every cord, collect data from all cords, and round the results to the nearest number, which indicates the fatigue resistance of the sample. Alternatively, you can also measure the remaining strength of unbroken cord after certain amount of bending, and use this remaining strength as an indication of the fatigue resistance of the sample.

Test method:

RTC-II Cord Bending Fatigue Tester, is composed of cord sample upper clamp, free-rotating rollers (which minimizes the friction between the cord and the rollers), weight load (including the lower clamp), and the rolling, control and recording parts.

The setting of parameters and operation procedures can all be viewed on a digital operation system.

The operator can conveniently set the test numbers and frequency as desired. When the test starts the machine will carry out the testing as set, and automatically stop when the all test finishes. During the test the break-detection system will in real time monitor each and every sample and record the number of bending times until breaking.


RTC-II Cord Bending Fatigue Tester, can be used for various fiber cord and ordinary threads. It simulates the fatigue that the cords/threads are exposed to in rubber products due to repeated pulling, pressing and bending, and can reflect the properties of the cords/threads.

Technical parameters:

Sample length:~400mm;

Sample holder capacity:16 cords;

Load weight :4×0.5Kg;

Roller moving frequency adjustable:60、80、100、120r.p.m;

Roller diameter:10mm;

Rolling range:30mm;

Working power:220V /2A/50Hz。