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Model RCH-IV Cord Dry-heating Shrink Meter

Test mechanism:

RCH-IV Cord Dry-heating Shrink Meter is designed and manufactured according to the national standard GB/T 9101-2002、GB/T 9102-2003、GB/T 19390-2003. And it also meets the American standard ASTM D4974, set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. During testing, after humidity equilibration, a sample subjected to a given tension is placed in dry air at given temperature for a designated time (national standard: 2min). Then its heat-shrinking ratio, heat-shrinking ratio residuals and heat-shrinking force are recorded.

Test method:

RCH-IV Cord Dry-heating Shrink Meter can simultaneously measure 2 heat shrink ratio samples and 2 shrink force samples. It is composed of the following parts:

1、Electrical heating and temperature control system;

2、Cord grip system

3、Displacement signal acquisition and processing system

4、Force value signal acquisition and processing system

5、Computer system


The parameters (desired testing temperature, time, range of values) can be set on the computer. During testing the changes in the measurements will be displayed in real time, and the computer will automatically calculate the testing results (data and curves generated), which can be printed then by a printer.

The testing results (including data and curves) will be saved by the computer, and ready to be inquired, printed or averaged as required.


RCH-IV Cord Dry-heating Shrink Meter is a brand new tester. It incorporates advanced heater movement technology and allows 4 cords to be measured at the same time (ie, 2 for shrinking ratio and 2 for shrinking force), and can therefore promotes the accuracy and efficiency of testing.

RCH-IV Cord Dry-heating Shrink Meter can be used for testing the dry-heating shrink properties of various kinds of cords and threads. It is suitable for studying the heat properties of fiber materials, or for inspection purposes of the tire fiber reinforcing materials, or for determining the calendaring processes of fiber cords.

Technical parameters:

Sample hold capacity:for 4 cords (2 for shrinking ratio and 2 for shrinking force);

Testing temperature continuously adjustable:50℃~250℃;

Shrinking ratio testing range:~+40%;

Shrinking force testing range:0~30N;

Shrinking force testing precision:<0.2%;

Working power:220V /2A/50Hz。